Danae Airlines S.A. (Société Anonyme) was established in 1971 and since then it has been operating as General Sales Agent (GSA) for airlines, such as Korean Air, (1976 till today), British Caledonian (1971 – 1988), Air Canada (1977 – 1989), Malaysian Airlines (1981 – 1988), Pan American (1985 – 1990). It was also the first private company in Greece to acquire a license for air operations.

Today, Danae Airlines S.A. is known and respected for its experience, productivity and results. It is the longest serving (37 years of cooperation) and most productive GSA for Korean Air, worldwide.  It has achieved that through the years by investing on its employees.  Its employees have been trained to have in depth knowledge of what they sell and to provide individual attention to all our customers.

The services offered include full support, classical reservations and ticketing functions, pricing, accounting, reporting, supervision and instruction of sales agents, sales, marketing, customer relations, Helpdesk for the Agents, PR management, promotion, and negotiations.

Danae Airlines has played, over the years, a vital role in the growth and development of the niche seamen travel market, through its expertise and deep knowledge of the needs of shipowners and the rules governing the air transport business. Greece has always been a leading country in merchant marine (3.200 vessels apprx) where most of this transportation is managed by shipping companies operating from Greece, assigning the seamen and executives transport to Greek travel agencies, using mainly Asia and Southeast Asia routes.